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Quote from Carla in Rebecca Redux

Carla: Here you go.
Man: Hey.
Carla: Something wrong?
Man: Yes, I'll say. You didn't ask me if I needed anything else. Do you see this roll of dollar bills here?
Carla: Yeah.
Man: This is your tip. I've set it aside in advance. Now here's the deal. Every time you do something wrong, I take a dollar bill, see? That way, I get decent service. Understood?
Carla: Fair enough. Here's my deal for you. Every time you take away a dollar, I do this. [Carla puts her finger in the man's beer and flicks it at him]
Man: That just cost you another dollar. [Carla does it again] There, you happy? Your tip money's all gone.
Carla: That's just great. 'Cause I just got my own. [slams cash on the table and pours the beer over the man's head]
Norm: So, uh, how long is your brother going to be in town?
Carla: Two weeks.

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