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Quote from Norm in Norm, Is That You?

Kim: You're absolutely right, Norman. I can't believe we've been the perpetrators of this kind of discrimination.
Robert: We'll see you, Norman.
Norm: No, well, listen... Hey, folks, I could still, you know, decorate your mountain retreat there.
Robert: Kim and I happen to be people of principle, all right? And we put our trust in you, our faith. We trusted you with our most prized possession, our home. And how did you return that trust? You lied to us, you betrayed us. You made fools of us.
Norm: I could do it for half price.
Robert: Here's the key. There's Perrier in the fridge. If the neighbors ask, you're a plumber.
Norm: Gotcha, can do, can do. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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