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Quote from Woody in Christmas Cheers

Tracy: No, I'm just going to go over to my mom's house. She's probably still up getting everything ready for tomorrow.
Sam: Yeah.
Tracy: You know, baking the bread and icing the cookies and stuffing the turkey.
Woody: Stuffing?
Tracy: Oh, yeah, my mom makes it from scratch.
Woody: Gee, so does mine.
Tracy: Yeah, but does your mom make it bone dry?
Woody: You could gag on it. Hey, don't tell me. Do you have a manger scene on your front lawn?
Tracy: The biggest on our block.
Woody: Oh.
Tracy: The Wise Men are my favorite.
Woody: Oh, I love Balthasar.
Tracy: Oh, Balthasar's good, but Melchior, he's the best.
Sam: Okay, well... Listen, I'd introduce you two, but something tells me you've known each other for years.

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