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Quote from Rebecca in Paint Your Office

Sam: Well, all right, all right, Um... Where were you born?
Rebecca: San Diego.
Sam: San Diego. California, huh?
Rebecca: No, Kansas.
Sam: Come on.
Rebecca: My father's a captain in the Navy. My mother's an interior designer. My brother's a surgeon. My other brother's an attorney. My sister was Miss San Diego. [mimics gagging] The only really happy moment of my life is when I ran away to San Francisco and hung out with Grace Slick. Do you want to know the lyrics to "White Rabbit," or can I quit now?
Sam: Ah. Boy, it sounds like some of the kids in your family are pretty successful, huh?
Rebecca: Yeah, well, if you measure success in terms of wealth, happiness, and my father's undying devotion, maybe.
Sam: Yeah. Boy, I know. I got a brother like that. International lawyer. Handsome, smart, funny. And the guy plays the piano, and he speaks four languages, flies his own jet. [mimics gagging] Seems like my whole life I've been trying to get out from under his shadow.
Rebecca: I know just what you mean. Does he ever come in the bar?
Sam: No, but, uh, I'll call him, if you'll call Miss San Diego.
Rebecca: Nah. They'd probably end up leaving together. [both laugh]

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