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Quote from Frasier in Diane Chambers Day

Cliff: Well, I heard from one of the guys down in the junk-mail room that there's a new act down at the old Wham Bam Room.
Norm: Oh, hot dog. Presenting the finest in nudie entertainment. Come on, Fras, what do you say? Let's go.
Frasier: Oh, you're inviting me along to this evening of devilment?
Norm: Sure. You got a credit card, don't you? There you go.
Frasier: You know, I'm not so sure if it really fits in with my image, you know?
Carla: A desperately lonely character on the make?
Frasier: Well, I guess I'm in. [beeper] Oh, sure. Just when I'm about to have fun. That's Mrs. Benedict.
Norm: How did you know that?
Frasier: Oh, because she's the person I'd least like to hear from. Even her beep is whiny. Excuse me, just two seconds.

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