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Quote from Carla in The Belles of St. Clete's

Sam: She's back there right now?
Carla: Yeah, we've been playing pool all night. We're tight, Sam.
Sam: So it is her?
Carla: Oh, yeah, it's her all right. But you know something, Sam? After I told her I how much hated her, she explained to me why she was always so tough on me and everything. She was just doing her job. And maybe I'm a better person for it. Anyway, we're pals now.
Sam: I can't believe this. I am so proud of you. Boy, this is a turning point.
Carla: Yeah.
Sam: Maybe we've seen the last of that Tasmanian devil of a waitress.
Drusilla Dimeglio: [o.s.] Hey, Carla, bring some more pretzels, too.
Carla: All right, right away.
Sam: I can't believe that's the same woman whose head you were about to shave.
Carla: Yeah, I almost went through with it, too. I mean, I came that close and I could have done it easy, Sam. I mean, she's not as young as she used to be. But I stopped. God was testing me, Sam. And I passed.
[Drusilla, with a full head of hair, walks out of the back room with a pool cue in one hand and a beer in the other.]
Drusilla Dimeglio: Hello there. Carla, come on, it's your turn.
Carla: Yeah, I'll be right with you.
[As Drusilla turns around to go into the back room, her head has been completely shaved at one side]
Carla: I didn't say I got an "A", Sammy. I just said I passed. Rack them up.

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