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Quote from Coach in Coach's Daughter

Lisa: Daddy, don't make me say this.
Coach: What? What?
Lisa: I wanna be married and I wanna have children. Roy is the first man that ever asked me to marry him and I'm afraid he's gonna be the last.
Coach: Oh, come on, honey, there must have been dozens of young fellas that proposed to you.
Lisa: No, Daddy, wake up. Roy is the first one ever.
Coach: But you're so beautiful, so...
Lisa: Beautiful? Daddy, you have been saying that I'm beautiful ever since I was a very little girl. But look at me. Not as my father. But like you're looking at me for the first time. And please try to see me as I really am.
Coach: Oh, my God, I didn't realize how much you looked like your mother.
Lisa: I know. I look exactly like her, and Mom was not... comfortable about her beauty.
Coach: But that's what made her more beautiful. Your mother grew more beautiful every day of her life.
Lisa: She was really beautiful.
Coach: Yes, and so are you. You're the most beautiful kid in the whole world.
Lisa: Thanks, Daddy.

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