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Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh

‘Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh’

Season 8, Episode 21 -  Aired March 15, 1990

When the statue of Tecumseh disappears from Cheers, Sam and the guys are sure Gary had something to do with it.

Quote from Sam

Rebecca: Hey, guys, listen up, listen up. I've got great news.
Sam: Now, listen, yeah, listen up.
Rebecca: There's no need to retaliate against ourselves.
Carla: What do you mean?
Rebecca: Gary's has been closed for the last month. He's in Florida while his place is being remodeled and he wasn't even open on St. Patrick's Day. He doesn't even know you guys did anything to him. Isn't that a howl?!
Cliff: This is the worst thing Gary's ever done.
Carla: We have got to teach Gary a lesson. He must never do nothing again.
Cliff: Men, there's only one thing left to do.
Sam: Get Gary!

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