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‘The Bank Job’ Quotes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bank Job

421. The Bank Job

Aired May 23, 2017

As Jake and Rosa continue their search for a bank-robbing operation with Lieutenant Hawkins (guest star Gina Gershon), they realize there's more to her team than meets the eye. After discovering a dangerous secret, they call for back-up from Holt and Pimento (guest star Jason Mantzoukas). Meanwhile, Boyle objects to Gina's new boyfriend (guest star Ryan Phillipe). Then, Jake and Rosa are framed for a crime they didn't commit, it's up to the Nine-Nine to find a way to bust them out.

Quote from Hitchcock

Charles: Sarge, you think Gina will be okay?
Sergeant Jeffords: She says the doctor's can't be sure, but they're optimistic. Apparently, she has something called Ansel-Elgort Syndrome.
Charles: Oh, poor Gina.
Amy: Oh, my God.
Hitchcock: Oh, you fools. That's not a disease. Ansel Elgort's an actor. Did none of you see "The Fault in Our Stars"?
Sergeant Jeffords: No. Why did you?
Hitchcock: Teenage romance, dying chick, oxygen mask. Checks all my boxes.


Quote from Charles

Gina: How many times have I smacked you in your face?
Charles: Lost count.
Gina: And you still have no fear of me.
Charles: I'm trying to read your womb vibe.
Gina: Exactly. Knock it off.

Quote from Amy

Amy: The only celebrity I've ever seen in real life was Paul Shaffer. It was exhilarating.

Quote from Charles

Charles: If anything happens to Jake, I'll never forgive myself. My last words to him were, "No, you're the man."
Sergeant Jeffords: That actually sounds pretty nice, Boyle.
Charles: Nice isn't good enough, Sarge.

Quote from Scully

Amy: Where's Gina going? That's, like, the third time she's taken off this week.
Sergeant Jeffords: She has a doctor's appointment.
Scully: You know what that's code for. She's taking a nap in the furnace room.
Sergeant Jeffords: Is that what you do? Because you really should go to the doctor. When you breathe it sounds like someone's shaking a bag of quarters.
Scully: You're right. [grabbing a pillow from his desk drawer] I'll go to the doctor right now.

Quote from Charles

Gina: Charles, you know I legally can't answer. Do you want me to have my baby in jail?
Charles: All right, no more questions. Only statements. You are glowing. Brother to sister, you've never looked sexier.
Sergeant Jeffords: Come on, man.

Quote from Captain Holt

Captain Holt: I still have reservations about this plan. Perhaps you could say your dealer ran out or he's summering in Nantucket.

Quote from Gina

Gina: Okay, I should be back in an hour. If my desk phone rings, just ignore it. I don't answer it anyway.
Sergeant Jeffords: You shouldn't tell me stuff like that.

Quote from Jake

Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins: Get them out of my sight. Dirty cops make me sick!
Jake: They make me sick! I'm the sick one! She's dirty! I'm clean! I'm a clean boy!

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