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‘Casecation’ Quotes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Casecation

612. Casecation

Aired April 11, 2019

Work is so busy for Jake and Amy that they end up celebrating their anniversary while standing guard over a comatose patient in the hospital.

Quote from Jake

Jake: Look, I get that you can't take any time off from work, but this is a loophole. It's still work. You know, we can hang out here and chat and catch up and laugh, and technically, we'll be doing our jobs. I call it a "casecation."
[singing] Casecation, all I ever wanted-
Amy: Ooh.
Jake: [singing] Casecation, had to get away


Quote from Captain Holt

Captain Holt: Hello, you've reached the office of Raymond Holt. I can come to the phone right now.

Quote from Captain Holt

Amy: Okay, the topic today is whether or not we should have children. I will be taking the affirmative. You will be taking the negative. Each round will be individually scored by our judge, Captain Holt.
Captain Holt: Do you need to hear my credentials? Debate moderator license D as in delta, 8-1-0-
Jake: I believe you.
Captain Holt: Y as in Yankee, 4-1. J as in Juliet, J as in Juliet, 6.
Jake: Great.

Quote from Jake

Jake: Okay, fine. You want to know why I really don't want to have children? I had a crappy dad. I know what happens when you mess up as a parent. It's not great. And this may come as a shock to you, but I kind of have some dad issues with certain people.
Amy: Holt.
Captain Holt: Me.
Kevin: [v.o.] Raymond.

Quote from Jake

Jake: This is about the fact that I don't want to bring a human being into this world unless I'm 100% sure that I'm ready to take care of it. Okay?
Gail: [v.o.] Too emotional. Point to Amy.
Jake: Okay, Gail is clearly biased. I think we need a new moderator.
Bob Templeman: [v.o.] Bob Templeman here.
Jake: What? How many people are on this phone call?

Quote from Jake

Amy: So did they defuse the bomb?
Jake: Yeah, one of 'em. Oh, you didn't hear? There was a second bomb. Ya butt. Ya butt is da bomb.
Amy: Aww. On our anniversary.

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