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‘We'll Have a Good Time Then...’ Quotes

Boy Meets World: We'll Have a Good Time Then...

613. We'll Have a Good Time Then...

Aired January 22, 1999

Shawn and Jack's absent father reappears on campus and promises he's back for good, but Shawn has trouble believing Chet has changed.

Quote from Cory

Topanga: Cory, why are you so obsessed with the sex?
Cory: Because I don't get any.


Quote from Cory

Topanga: Now, regarding our wedding night.
Cory: Topanga!
Topanga: Bermunda.
Cory: I'll call you whatever you want.

Quote from Cory

Shawn: What's the point of even going to class?
Cory: Because otherwise we have to go to war.

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