Trending ‘Boy Meets World’ Quotes

Quote from Mr. Feeny in Danger Boy

Mr. Feeny: If you let people's perception of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person. But if you leave yourself open to experience, despite what others think, then you will learn and grow. And when you grow and mature, then you can rub their smug little earring-wearing noses in it.


Quote from Topanga in Class Pre-Union

Mr. Feeny: This world of yours seems like quite a peaceful and loving place.
Topanga: Yes. Especially since we moved all men underground and use them just for breeding.

Quote from Mr. Feeny in Pairing Off

Cory: So if they were C- students you wouldn't less them kiss?
Mr. Feeny: School policy, don't you know.
Cory: So I couldn't kiss?
Mr. Feeny: With your grades, Mr. Matthews, you couldn't even shake hands.

Quote from Mr. Feeny in Back 2 School

Mr. Feeny: Mr. Turner, their level is the level of the beasts of the field.

Quote from Cory in Pairing Off

Ms. Kelly: All right, the name of the place where the eggs are stored.
Cory: What are the gonads?
Ms. Kelly: No, sorry. I was looking for "What are the ovaries?"
Cory: Oh, the ovaries. Yeah, I always mix those two up.
Ms. Kelly: Try not to. Your future will be brighter.