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The Happiest Show on Earth

‘The Happiest Show on Earth’

Season 3, Episode 21 -  Aired May 10, 1996

Cory realizes he still has strong feelings for Topanga, so he decides to follow her on her trip to Disney World and to win her back.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: Mr. Matthews, what are you doing?
Eric: I just put my books away.
Mr. Feeny: I thought I saw you stuff your brother into your locker.
Eric: Now why would I wanna go do something like that?
Mr. Feeny: I don't know, but I clearly saw a curly haired boy enter your locker.
Eric: Why would I want a curly haired boy in my locker?
Mr. Feeny: Again, I don't know!


Quote from Shawn

Cory: Ah, my back. Every disc out of whack. Major pain.
Shawn: Ah, best night's sleep I ever had. You think they sell these at the gift shop?

Quote from Topanga

Cory: Apparently you're not seeing the humor here, which is surprising. Laugh. Go ahead, laugh with me.
Topanga: Cory, you know what I see? I see you in a robe wearing slippers smoking a pipe.
Cory: Wha-?
Topanga: Cory Matthews, you're a playboy!