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The Eskimo

‘The Eskimo’

Season 5, Episode 13 -  Aired January 16, 1998

When Shawn feels there's too many obstacles stopping him going to college, Mr. Feeny worries he isn't living up to his potential. Mr. Feeny sets Shawn a seemingly impossible challenge: get Super Bowl tickets or fail the class.

Quote from Topanga

Topanga: I was just having this conversation with them the other day-
Mr. Feeny: Quiet!
Topanga: You yelled at me. But I'm Topanga.


Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: You just yelled at me. But I'm Mr. Feeny.

Quote from Cory

Cory: Oh, come on, Mr. Feeny. How is he-
Mr. Feeny: Quiet!
Cory: You yelled at me. But I'm Topanga.

Quote from Cory

Topanga: But I've never failed before.
Mr. Feeny: There's a first time for everything.
Cory: That argument doesn't get you anywhere with her.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: You better stay too, you little control freak.

Quote from Cory

Cory: We are warm and you are cold. We -

Quote from Jack

Jack: Hey, I didn't hear you come in last night. You must have had a pretty good time on your date, huh?
Eric: The evening began at seven. It started with some quaint dinner conversation at this little Mexican place I happen to know. Came back here and let's just say my clothes were off within five minutes.
Jack: You opened your big mouth, she walked out. You ate alone at Taco Bell. Came home, took off all your clothes and were asleep by eight o'clock.

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: Okay, I've got four can't miss ways to get Superbowl tickets.
Cory: Let's hear the best one.
Shawn: I go back in time to the first Superbowl when tickets weren't that hard to get.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Cory: Well, see Shawn and I think so much alike that we decided to write one paper.
Mr. Feeny: Really? Then you won't mind sharing a grade?
Cory: No.
Shawn: All right, so what do we get?
Mr. Feeny: Well, this was a well thought out paper, it deserves a B.
Shawn: Very fair.
Mr. Feeny: Divided by two. Makes a D for you and a D for you.