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Stormy Weather

‘Stormy Weather’

Season 3, Episode 16 -  Aired February 9, 1996

Eric starts an internship at a TV station, but the work soon starts to affect his schooling. Meanwhile, things heat up between Mr. Turner and Dana's mom, much to the horror of Shawn and Dana.

Quote from Cory

Cory: Wait, I learned about potty training from a sportscaster? Oh, that's just wrong.


Quote from Shawn

Dana's mom: We have something to tell you. Sit.
Dana: Oh, no.
Shawn: We're sisters!
Mr. Turner: Hold it. Nobody's nobody's sister.

Quote from Shawn

Mr. Turner: What's her number?
Shawn: 1-800-Take a cold shower.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Come on little bro, you can walk, can't you?
Cory: In this blizzard? Oh sure, I'll just tredge all the way to school, freeze my butt of, and go through life buttless.
Eric: Good deal.

Quote from Eric

Eric: School's tomorrow are once again closed. Ah, that takes me back. This just in. We've just received a call from Principal George Feeny who says it's going to take more than 32-inches of snow to close down John Adams High. And Eric, your report is still due.
Happy hundredth birthday, Mr. Feeny.

Quote from Eric

Eric: First of all, I wasn't failing journalism because of lack of devotion. I was failing because I was lazy and didn't do the work. See the difference?

Quote from Morgan

Morgan: I don't need a new toy chest I can store all my toys in his head.

Quote from Alan

Alan: We didn't have any choice, someone was running the shower at 4 A.M. singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho".
Eric: Cause it's off to work I go.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Dad, you know how much I love driving Miss Cory, but I can't be late for work.