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‘Sister Theresa’ Quotes

Boy Meets World: Sister Theresa

210. Sister Theresa

Aired November 25, 1994

Cory's new polite attitude attracts him a new girlfriend, TK. When she becomes obsessed with him, Cory must tries to end the relationship without getting on the wrong side of her older brother, Harley Keiner.

Quote from Cory

Amy: What are you doing?
Cory: I'm nuking my socks. It's this new idea I have because I like putting on warm clothes. I was going to start with my underwear but I was a little nervous.


Quote from Cory

Cory: Last night TK and I talked on for the phone for like two hours. It beats my previous time with a girl by like two hours.

Quote from Cory

Cory: That girl. She wrote seven numbers on my hand. What could that possibly mean?
Shawn: It means call her.
Cory: Shawn, how can I possibly call her when I don't even have her ... Ohh.

Quote from Cory

Amy: What are you doing?
Cory: I'm dipping.
Amy: No, you don't do that. That's a new jar.
Cory: Oh, well, the old jar had celery in it.

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: Hey, for what it's worth, Cor, I think you're polite. Then again, polite in my family means wearing a tie for your arraignment.

Quote from Morgan

Alan: That alone would have been excessive, but wait, there's more. Your very own life-sized candy clown.
Morgan: Woah, can I play with him?
Cory: Sure, then you can eat him.
Morgan: Why can't life always be like this?

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Cory: See you in detention?
Mr. Feeny: Yes, it seems unavoidable.

Quote from Shawn

Cory: Okay, I think this will work.
Shawn: Black shoes, white socks, bowtie. That should do it.

Quote from Cory

Shawn: We want to make sure he's totally unappealing to this girl.
Cory: That's good, play your strengths.

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