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‘Show Me the Love’ Quotes

Boy Meets World: Show Me the Love

701. Show Me the Love

Aired September 24, 1999

After learning that her parents are officially divorced, Topanga calls off her engagement to Cory. Following Topanga's lead, Angela breaks things off with Shawn. Meanwhile, Jack and Eric are in search of a new apartment.

Quote from Cory

Cory: You got Feeny this year?
Shawn: Yeah. You?
Cory: Which courses?
Shawn: All of them.
Cory: Yeah, me too.


Quote from Eric

Rachel: What are you going to do when your hair grows back?
Eric: It's not going to grow back. I got my receipt!

Quote from Eric

Rachel: I asked Topanga and Angela to move in to the apartment.
Eric: Really? For us? Oh wow, but I'll have to take a rain check because she's my brother's bootay. *Smiles at Angela*

Quote from Cory

Shawn: You know she got this crap from Topanga. If you knew how to keep your girlfriend-
Cory: Keep her what? Happy, pleasant, quiet? I don't know to do any of those things.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Oh, Mr. Feeny, great news. I don't have to sleep in your car any more.

Quote from Eric

Eric: "The Autobiography of Malcom Ten". Rachel must be taking arithmetic.

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