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She's Having My Baby Back Ribs

‘She's Having My Baby Back Ribs’

Season 7, Episode 17 -  Aired March 3, 2000

Eric and Topanga go on a diet to lose some weight. Cory reads too much into Topanga's weight gain and thinks she's pregnant.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Oh come on. I see the way girls flock to Jack and his six percent body fat, and ignore me and my seventy percent flab.


Quote from Mr. Feeny

Amy: Cory, we have some serious reservations about this.
Alan: Do you have any idea how difficult it will be to raise a fourteen-year-old Chinese boy in a college dorm?
Mr. Feeny: Do you even speak Mandarin?!

Quote from Cory

Cory: I can't be a father. I got a paper due on Friday.