Topanga Quote #7

Quote from Topanga in Model Family

Topanga: Stuart, a tattoo. It speaks to me.


‘Model Family’ Quotes

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: Beaver's dad wasn't real. Real fathers have to adapt. Real fathers don't have a script like Beaver's father did.
Cory: I guess it's easy to sound smart when you've got the best writers in Hollywood writing everything you say.
Mr. Feeny: I wouldn't know.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Quote from Cory

Mr. Feeny: I agree with you, Mr. Matthews.
Cory: That's not like you.
Mr. Feeny: In fact, you've brought me to today's assignment.
Cory: That's like you.

Topanga Quotes

Quote from The Eskimo

Topanga: I was just having this conversation with them the other day-
Mr. Feeny: Quiet!
Topanga: You yelled at me. But I'm Topanga.

Quote from It's About Time

Topanga: We've waited for this moment all our lives. What are you thinking?
Cory: I can't believe Shawn's not here.
Topanga: I love you too.

Quote from Cory's Alternative Friends

Topanga: Give me your hand.
Cory: Why?
Topanga: I want to see if our energies converge.