Shawn Quote #151

Quote from Shawn in What a Drag!

Eric: How do I look, babe?
Shawn: Yes on the dress and no on the face.
Eric: What too much make-up?
Shawn: Too much ugly.


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Quote from Eric

Eric: My name is Olga Svetlana. I'm a shot-put champion. I don't shave my arm pits.

Quote from Eric

Mr. Feeny: I, however, do wish to talk to you.
Eric: Ooh, it's Monsieur Feeny.

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Quote from Cory's Alternative Friends

Shawn: Use a mirror, babe.

Quote from Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound-Men

Shawn: Fred Flintstone - nice guy, big feet. Just like you.