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Quote from Cory in How to Succeed in Business

Cory: This corporate world is my very essence. Okay, and as I climb the ladder to success, I want you there right with me.
Shawn: Next to you?
Cory: Behind me. That's how ladders work.


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Quote from Eric

Eric: As I turned the corner and walked down that road, it occurred to me. Either I was going the wrong way or that semi-truck was. But that's life. And it's all we have. Thank you.

Quote from Cory

Topanga: Why didn't they give you a fax, Cory?
Cory: Well, at my level they don't fax you, you just know.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Mom, I'm going to give you the same pearls of wisdom you gave me. "There's a whole big world out there. You go be part of it, young man."