Eric Quote #106

Quote from Eric in No Guts, No Cory

Jack: I would have loved to have you by my side.
Eric: You still can, pal. Here, it's a picture of me. I want you to bring it with you, put it in the foxhole of your bed.
Jack: People will talk.
Eric: I know. That's a great picture.


‘No Guts, No Cory’ Quotes

Quote from Shawn

Cory: You listened to Feeny.
Shawn: Oh my God, I listened to Feeny.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: Well, Shawn marrying Topanga. This is weird. On the other hand, who would have thought that as principal I could perform marriages?

Quote from Eric

Eric: Everybody's doing their part in this war. I want to help. I'm going to go back to that recruitment office and tell them that a little case of flatfeet isn't going to stop Eric Matthews from fighting those evil Canadians.

Eric Quotes

Quote from The Double Lie

Eric: Hey, little bro. Life's tough, get a helmet.

Quote from First Girlfriends Club

Eric: Look at that. Shawn broke his date with Angela to be with three girls.
Jack: Wait a minute, he's handcuffed.
Eric: That little devil!

Quote from The Pink Flamingo Kid

Eric: So I said to myself, Kyle -
Alan: Kyle?
Eric: That's what I call myself.