Alan Quote #40

Quote from Alan in Danger Boy

Amy: Sorry, honey. I would've been home sooner, but they took a little longer with me at the hairdresser No big deal.
Alan: I ran the house real good. The kids had beer nuts for dinner, and now they're playing video games in the bathtub. Father of the year.


 ‘Danger Boy’ Quotes

Quote from Cory

Cory: Piece of cake.
Eric: What?
Cory: I threw up a piece of cake.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Cory, get out of that car. It's not safe. You'll kill yourself. Mr. Feeny, enjoy the ride!

 Alan Matthews Quotes

Quote from Grandma was a Rolling Stone

Alan: Your brother's discovered girls, he can't sit still. When you're Eric's age and you can't sit still, I'll take Morgan. It's the endless cycle of fishing.
Cory: And what about after Morgan?
Alan: Well, then I'll just be some guy in a fishing hat with a lot of boring stories.

Quote from Pop Quiz

Eric: Two passes to Sliding Rapids Mountain. Excellent.
Alan: Yep, you and your brother should have a blast.
Eric: Ah, no, no, no. See, when I look at this ticket I see someone in a skimpy wet bikini.
Alan: Well, that's entirely up to Cory.