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Quote from Shawn in Cyrano

Frankie: I want you guys to coach me.
Cory: Frankie, I don't know if we're the guys to help you woo her.
Shawn: What?


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Quote from Shawn

Shawn: Nobody saw us. No witnesses. And without witnesses, it's all just circumcized evidence.

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: I don't want to die before I know what woo is.

Quote from Shawn

Cory: Shawn, we just helped Frankie snake Harley's girlfriend. I mean, we gave him love lessons, we hid in the locker, we told him what to say. How is that not trouble?
Shawn: OK, let me think. Uh, protective custody, plastic surgery Ah! We dress up as girls, pretend we're our out-of-town cousins and say we haven't seen ourselves.
Cory: No, that'll never work.
Shawn: Oh, yeah? Tell my Uncle Mary.