Mr. Feeny Quote #40

Quote from Mr. Feeny in Teacher's Bet

Mr. Feeny: That's all right, Mr. Matthews. In time one learns to live with the lack of respect, the unruly students, the miniscule pay. ... Rolaid?


‘Teacher's Bet’ Quotes

Quote from Topanga

Topanga: If we're going to eliminate the cap rule, can we also discard the dress code in its entirety?
Cory: Why? You're not thinking about showing up, like, naked tomorrow are you?
Topanga: No, although I find nothing shameful about nudity. I was thinking about wearing garments from cultures more in tune with a goddess, Asarte perhaps.
Cory: Yeah, fine as long as you're covered up.

Quote from Shawn

Minkus: People, people, people. Are we going to do our social studies today?
Shawn: Minkus, Minkus, Minkus. Shut up.

Quote from Cory

Cory: Let's start with the roll call. Lawrence, Topanga.
Topanga: I'm channeling. I will only answer to the name *demonic sound*.
Cory: Okay. Present but not all here.

Mr. Feeny Quotes

Quote from The Eskimo

Mr. Feeny: You just yelled at me. But I'm Mr. Feeny.

Quote from Brave New World

Topanga: Don't you mean "do well"?
Mr. Feeny: No, I mean do good.

Quote from Brave New World

Mr. Feeny: Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.