Cory Quote #1

Quote from Cory in Pilot

Mr. Feeny: A candy bar. Doesn't your mother feed you a proper breakfast?
Cory: Oh, yeah, she does. Now I gotta get the taste of this Shredded Wheat out of my mouth.


 ‘Pilot’ Quotes

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: How blissful it must be for you to have lived so little and yet already reached your conclusions about the greatest wonder of the universe.

Quote from Cory

Mr. Feeny: You know you're not doing your body any favors by loading up on junk like that.
Cory: Oh, thanks, Mr. Feeny. And please enjoy that high vitamin, astronaut drink you're sucking down.

Quote from Cory

Mr. Feeny: The tragedy here, Mr. Matthews, is not about a dumb girl or the boy who kills himself because of her. It's about the all consuming power of love and the inevitability of its influence on each of our lives.
Cory: Are you aware that I'm only eleven years old?