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Picket Fences

‘Picket Fences’

Season 7, Episode 10 -  Aired November 26, 1999

Cory and Topanga decide against moving into a house when Shawn convinces them to fix up their apartment. Meanwhile, Jack and Eric have a new boss at the student union.

Quote from Cory

Topanga: Get away from me, Swamp Thing.
Cory: Swamp Thing wants the booty!


Quote from Shawn

Angela: Yeah, so it's like you're a couple and we're a couple, and we're exactly the same except that-
Shawn: You're married and we're happy.

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: Honey, I hate the kids.

Quote from Angela

Angela: You guys are our closest friends, but we are sick and tired of you!

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: Please get out and don't ever come back.

Quote from Jack

Jack: You think I don't understand good looks and a rich daddy? You and I are cut from the same velvet cloth.

Quote from Amy

Amy: I don't like it when you call him an idiot, Alan.
Alan: I didn't call him anything.
Amy: Oh, well I guess I must have thought it in my head.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Toilets are clean, boss. Oh, hey, look: I'm a Teletubby!

Quote from Eric

Eric: Her name is Bridget and I wrote her this poem: "Bridget you make me fidget."

Quote from Cory

Cory: Drink this you no signing, no money giving us, no letting us stay in your house, little wisp of a man. Drink it!

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