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‘It's Not You, It's Me’ Quotes

Boy Meets World: It's Not You, It's Me

503. It's Not You, It's Me

Aired October 17, 1997

Shawn is angered to discover Cory applied to Stanford, a college Shawn could never hope to get into. Meanwhile, Eric and Jack attempt to befriend the school dean.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Eric: Mr. Feeny! Mr. Feeny! Mr. F-
Mr. Feeny: I was expecting you. Today, tomorrow, yesterday. It was only a matter of time.


Quote from Eric

Eric: You don't make fun of my learning disability.
Jack: You have a learning disability?
Eric: I would think so.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Okay, first college essay. Playing with the big boys. 10,000 words. Word one ... I want my mommy! Hey, that's three words!

Quote from Shawn

Mr. Feeny: And that, Mr. Hunter, is how babies are made.
Shawn: I still don't believe him.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Topanga: Shame on you. Shame.
Mr. Feeny: I show up. I teach. Why isn't that enough? Why?

Quote from Eric

Eric: No, we're not going to have to. You see the beauty of befriending the dean is he's going to give us an extension on the paper. We're never going to have to do it. Or any paper thereafter. We're actually never going to have to do any work until we graduate, get jobs, befriend our bosses, get married, befriend our wives.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Mr. Feeny! Feeny and Eric back together again. Just like the old days. I make you look so good.

Quote from Cory

Cory: I'm taking another boy's grapes.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Ooh, laptop. For you lap.

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