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‘Honesty Night’ Quotes

Boy Meets World: Honesty Night

521. Honesty Night

Aired April 24, 1998

Cory and Topanga are back together, but in an effort to buoy Shawn's feelings they pretend to still be apart so he can be the one to fix them back up.

Quote from Eric

Mr. Feeny: So, Eric have you perused the tastefully lascivious Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue?
Eric: Tushies for sale?! Cool!


Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: If I may, five words: Topanga is correct.
Cory: That's only three.
Mr. Feeny: moron.

Quote from Eric

Shawn: I think they both want to be together. They just need me to give them a push in the right ... you know.
Eric: Estranged?

Quote from Jack

Jack: You don't know what it's like to live here, man. You don't.
Cory: Why do you stay?
Jack: Because ... he's my friend. Because I like him. And no matter what crazy things he says or does, I still like him. God help me I still like him.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: Ho, ho. Is that the stupid idea train coming 'round the bend?

Quote from Eric

Eric: You can't get them back together on estranged day. You've got to wait until the day after tomorrow.
Jack: Why, what word is that?
Eric: That would be ... estranged. Hey! You know this is the last time I buy anything from

Quote from Eric

Eric: Are they still estranged? ... Oh, it's in my word a day calendar. It's a good thing you asked me today, because if you asked me tomorrow I would have said are they still "estranged"? Hey ...

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: Well what kind of stupid thing was it for you to care whether I put you back together again? What are you, Humpty Dumpty?

Quote from Eric

Shawn: Eric, you're the only one not raising your hand. Why is that?
Eric: That's right, because I'm the extension.
Jack: You mean exception? Was today's word exception?
Eric: No, today's word was pertinent, but I didn't think that was ... having anything to do with the situation.

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