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Everybody Loves Stuart

‘Everybody Loves Stuart’

Season 6, Episode 7 -  Aired November 6, 1998

There's a new, hip teacher at school who impresses all the students, except Eric. When the teacher makes a move on Topanga in her dorm room, Cory responds violently and could be expelled from college.

Quote from Cory

Cory: No, I don't get hit by a bus.
Stuart: Why not?
Cory: Because I use the crosswalks, I memorize the bus schedules, and if I've got a wife like Topanga, I ain't leavin' the house.


Quote from Eric

Eric: Your honor, Jonathan Cumberland for the defense.

Quote from Jack

Eric: Hello! Wow! Look at that. How'd you like to come home to that every day?
Jack: We do come home to that. It's Rachel. You unbelievable, incredible buffoon.

Quote from Eric

Eric: I'm telling you, if there's one thing I know, it's people, okay. I've lived among them. It's like a fifth sense.
Jack: You mean sixth sense?
Eric: No, dude, that's smell. You've got to be lucky to get that.

Quote from Jack

Rachel: So, Topanga, what's your middle name?
Topanga: I don't wanna play.
Jack: Why not?
Topanga: I have a weird middle name.
Jack: Your first name is Topagana. What could your middle name be? Schmooboogie?