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Dangerous Secret

‘Dangerous Secret’

Season 4, Episode 8 -  Aired November 8, 1996

When Cory finds an attractive girl sleeping over at Shawn's place, he jumps to the obvious conclusion. Cory soon learns there's a much more desperate reality and is forced to make adult decisions without any guidance from his parents.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Cory, sex is like a bike without trailing wheels. If you try it before you're ready, you're going to fall off and break your head.


Quote from Shawn

Cory: Why's that, because you've moved up to a higher level of intimacy with women and I'm still walking around with my address in my pocket?
Shawn: Don't be so hard on yourself about that one. That's a tough address, 321.

Quote from Cory

Cory: (To himself) Hello, may I take your coat? Ah, you like my outfit. What these old things?
*Doorbell rings*
Cory: (To Topanga) Hello, may I take your coat?
Topanga: I'm not wearing one.
Cory: Ah, you like my outfit.
Topanga: Cory, are you okay?
Cory: What these old things?