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Cutting the Cord

‘Cutting the Cord’

Season 6, Episode 12 -  Aired January 8, 1999

In a bid to keep Cory and Topanga from meddling in the relationship, Shawn and Angela draw up a restraining order against the interfering couple. Still, Shawn has a hard time seeing Angela date somebody else. Meanwhile, Alan has a midlife crisis when he worries he'll be too old to play with his new baby.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Don't you see what you're going through? This is your Middle East crisis.
Alan: Middle age crisis.


Quote from Eric

Eric: Oh, look at that. You wobble like a weeble!

Quote from Eric

Eric: Wow, these women are fat!

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: So I said "Feeny, if the sun never sets on the British empire, when do they watch Letterman?"

Quote from Eric

Eric: You see, with every day, with every breath, you're on step closer to death.