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  • Dr. Lilith Sternin - Cheers Dr. Lilith Sternin - Cheers

    Cheers is a Boston bar where "everybody knows your name", run by former baseball player and recovering alcoholic Sam Malone.

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  • Dr. Lilith Sternin - Frasier Dr. Lilith Sternin - Frasier

    After Dr. Frasier Crane returns to his hometown of Seattle to host a radio call-in show, his bachelor lifestyle is turned upside down when his father is forced to move in with him.

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Cheers: Dr. Lilith Sternin Quotes

Quote from The Girl in the Plastic Bubble

Lilith: I'm going now. I'd like to leave a parting word. I want you to know that what I'm doing is very difficult. It is not to hurt Frasier. It's to acknowledge the fact that I'm changing. No one can go living year in and year out without ever changing. It's impossible. [looks at Norm and Cliff] Or at least it's very rare.


Quote from I'm Okay, You're Defective

[some time in the future:]
Lawyer: I am sorry about the passing of your husband, Lilith. Frasier was a good man, and we will all miss him.
Lilith: Thank you.
Lawyer: Well, I now have the unhappy task of reading your late husband's will.
Frederick: You okay, Mother?
Lilith: Yes. Thank you, Frederick.
Lawyer: "Sam Malone's sperm count is well within normal range."
Lilith: That damn bar.

Quote from The Cranemakers

Sam: How's she handling her pregnancy?
Frasier: Oh, same as any other woman. Perfectly normal, nothing unusual. Well, true, she does experience the occasional temporary hormonal imbalance, but you know Lilith, she's so repressed emotionally that only her husband would notice.
Lilith: [enters] Lay your hands upon me, everyone. I am life.
Frasier: Oh, boy.
Lilith: I am mother. My man's seed is nourished within me. Touch my breasts, my friend. I am lactating.
Sam: Boy, I tell ya, this is kind of a first for me, um... but I'm gonna pass.

Frasier: Dr. Lilith Sternin Quotes

Quote from The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

Lilith: "I'm here for a convention, and I happened to hear your voice on the radio. I kept hoping you'd introduce Pearl Jam's latest hit, but much to my chagrin, you were doling out worthless little advice pellets from your psychiatric Pez dispenser."

Quote from The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

Lilith: Martin, I'm especially delighted to see you here tonight.
Martin: [holding his cane closer] Oh, yeah?
Lilith: Oh, yes. Knowing as I do the history of your relationship with Frasier, when I heard that he'd taken you in, I immediately flipped to the weather channel to see if hell had indeed frozen over.
Martin: Frasier, how'd you let ever this little peach get away?

Quote from Room Service

Roz: Hey, that's rough. Leaving you for another man. Did you have any idea?
Lilith: No, none at all. Stan was a contractor we had hired to expand our master bedroom. It's ironic, isn't it? No sooner do I get the closet of my dreams than my husband comes out of it.