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Unexpected Company

‘Unexpected Company’

Season 5, Episode 9 -  Aired March 15, 2019

Michael is suspicious when his father sends him back to the Bluth Company to look at the books under Gob's management. George Michael tries to keep Rebel from visiting the Fakeblock HQ. Meanwhile, Buster hasn't been seen since the parade.

Quote from Maeby

Maeby: Well, problem solved. Stick her with all of it. Let her buy it. She'll get all our liabilities, and then anything over two million, we get to keep.
George Michael: I can't do that to someone that I have feelings for.
Maeby: So stop having feelings for her.
George Michael: What? Is that something you can do with people?
Maeby: Yeah, once I learned how to do it with my parents, it was easy with everyone else. It's like a heart switch, you know? Click. I love you. Click. I love you not. Click. I love you. Click. I love you not. Can't you do that?
George Michael: No, but in my defense, I'm not a sociopath.
Maeby: [dramatic music plays] Click.


Quote from Tobias

Gob: Why wouldn't he come out?
Tobias: Oh, who knows what makes a guy think he can pass for straight? I mean, if he really is gay, he can try to hide it, but trust me, it will come out in the most unexpected balls.
Gob: Yeah, but the problem is that now the world thinks that I'm gay, and if I say it was a trick, well, then the alliance will have me by the balls.
Tobias: Uh... [laughs] Excuse me, "balls"? You realize you just said "balls"? [chuckles]
Gob: But you said balls.
Tobias: [chuckling] Oh, well that's three times I'm hearing balls now.

Quote from George Sr.

Lucille: I'm busy, George. What do you want?
George Sr.: I want you, Lucille.
Lucille: In what way, George? Sexually?
George Sr.: Yes. Sexual-ish-ly.

Quote from Lucille

George Sr.: We really need each other right now, because Buster is on the lam. His first prison break. I remember when he just started talking.
Lucille: He better not have started talking.
George Sr.: No, I meant originally. Like, when he was three.
Lucille: Five.
George Sr.: Five.
Lucille: He didn't say a word until we fired the wet nurse.
George Sr.: He didn't stop talking about that for three years.
Lucille: Until we caved.

Quote from George Sr.

George Sr.: If Oscar is with Buster, then where is Lucille 2? I mean, she could be dead, and Buster will be charged with murder. Or worse, she could come back, and they would charge us with embezzlement.

Quote from Gob

Narrator: And soon, Michael was going over the books in what Gob had turned into the conference room.
Michael: "Joni Beard, Media Consultant." 20K? What's that?
Gob: K means thousand. [chuckles] Can you believe Adhir just expected me to know that? [laughs] I must've told him K times, "You gotta help me with these things."
Adhir: I used to train dogs, so I'm very patient.
Michael: And $10,000 for a printer?
Gob: 10K.
Adhir: Good Gob. Good K.

Quote from George Sr.

George Sr.: You're trying to keep your distance from the company, and I appreciate that, but you are the co-president with Gob.
Michael: Well, hang on. President? When did I become president?
George Sr.: Well, I mean, Sudden Valley. I mean, that's yours. I mean, we're carrying that for you.
Michael: You forgave the debt.
George Sr.: We forgot the debt.

Quote from Michael

Michael: Dad, I think you might be giving up, uh, a little too easy. You know? I mean, Mom loves you. She's just mad at you. You cheated on her. Or Uncle Oscar did, I don't know. I lost the thread on that one.

Quote from Gob

Gob: And to be fair, it's a... It was a 3-D printer.
Michael: Why do we need a 3-D printer?
Gob: Well, to be fair, it's a 3-D dental printer. But they're worth twice what I got them to leave them here for. They must've been too slow for them, but I thought, what do we care if it takes two and a half hours to print some molars?
Michael: Can you just get me a copy of the receipt?
Gob: Hey, you want to spend a couple hundred bucks on a 3-D receipt, I'll have it printed and in your mouth before sunset.

Quote from Lucille

Narrator: While waiting for Michael to return from prison with Buster, the Bluth family was recycling a welcome home party.
Lucille: Why do we have to have a party every time someone in this family is released from prison?
George Sr.: Tradition.
Lucille: Well, some traditions get old. [sighs] Like that god-awful thing you used to make me do on your birthday.
George Sr.: Cook?

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