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Top Banana

‘Top Banana’

Season 1, Episode 2 -  Aired November 9, 2003

Michael tries to get to the bottom of the Bluth empire's finances with no help from his family. George Michael works more hours at the frozen banana stand to get away from his new roommate, cousin Maeby. Meanwhile, Tobias and Lindsay search for jobs.

Quote from Michael

Michael: This is gonna be our best summer ever, buddy.
Narrator: And so, Michael, his son and his brother together enjoyed the cathartic burning of the banana stand.
Michael: You mailed that insurance check, right, Gob?
[As Gob backs away on a Segway, Michael chases after him]


Quote from Lindsay

Narrator: The next morning, Lindsay woke up late in the day hungover from celebrating her one day of employment which, it turns out, she had slept through.
Casting Director: [on phone] All right, Lindsay, forget it. We'll get someone else.
Narrator: Tobias was next on the call list but, unfortunately, couldn't hear the phone over the sound of the shower.
[Tobias sobs in the shower]
Narrator: He did, however, use Lindsay's conditioner and was surprised to find that it did help his self-esteem.
Lindsay: Mornin'. You look nice.
T-Bone: What?
Lindsay: You look very handsome today.
T-Bone: Thank you, Lindsay.

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