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Quote from Gob in Saving for Arraignment Day

Michael: The wall's gonna be fine. Gob's on it. And I don't want George Michael feeling guilty about the firing, so I told Gob, when it comes to the foot, that mum's the word.
Narrator: Although "clear" might've been an overstatement.
Gob: It was a great move to get rid of your dad. Can't let fear run a business.
George Michael: How do you mean, fear?
Gob: Well, you get sent one severed foot from the Chinese, and, all of a sudden, you turn into a crybaby.
George Michael: The Chinese sent my dad a severed human foot?
Gob: Yeah. Although they call it a "mum." Mum's the word for "severed human foot" in Chinese. I don't even know how I know that. But it's to ensure that he finishes building the wall or whatever. It's like, you know what? Like, call me after you've been lured down to a rock quarry, and someone threatens to ruin your magic career if you go to gay conversion therapy, and it works. [chuckles] I mean, seriously, call me after that, because I'd be curious to see how how you'd handle it.


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Quote from Barry Zuckerkorn

Jack Griffin: Your Honor, in the case of The State of California v. Buster Bluth, we'd like to enter a plea of guilty.
Judge Spencer: Hmm. Okay. Let's set a date for a sentencing presentation. And on a personal note, I just want to say that it is not often in the course of a jurisprudence career that a judge has the... I want to say privilege-
Michael: Sorry. Did- Did- Did you say- Did they say guilty?
Barry: Look at that. There is always a guy who wants to know what's going on. It's why I could never go to the movies with my father.

Quote from Lucille

Buster: [singsong] Mother Is there anybody else you'd like to say hello to, Mother?
Lucille: At least I came to your trial. For mine, you were too busy juicing it up with that woman you probably pushed...
Buster: [singsong] Careful.
Lucille: Yep. You look different.
Buster: I'm growing dreads, Mother. Dreads right out of my head.
Lucille: Just because you have an African-American left hand, all of a sudden you're Ray Charles? And I thought you Alibaba-ed one that was less threatening.

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Quote from Emotional Baggage

Lucille: His name is Dustin Radler, and I haven't hired him, because technically, he's given up the rat race.
George Sr.: Oh, God, the "giving up the rat race" guy? This is the sand hobo? Uh, it's just a question. Are you guys doing something?
Lucille: [inhales]
Gob: Don't say it! Please, I can't I can't hear it.
Lucille: He tickles my fancy.
Gob: Your what? Is the- What part of Mom is the fancy? You do not want to know what I'm picturing, and it's not what you think.
Lucille: Oh, stop. We walk on the beach. We like the feel of the sand on our feet.
Gob: Oh, God, the thought of your feet.
George Sr.: It's fine. I'm glad you have someone to talk to. Well, maybe I'll go check on Buster.
Gob: Wow. Mom really has him fancy-whipped, huh?

Quote from iAmigos!

Michael: So I thought you might want to read it seeing as how you are the president now, even though it's just a title.
Gob: Uh, right. Yes, well we should "circumvrent" union penalties.
Michael: Circumvent.
Gob: "Circumverate."
Michael: Circumvent. Means to go around.
Gob: The old reach around.
Michael: Trust me. This makes you look like a leader. Okay?
Gob: I don't think that I need any help with that. [framed "Never Give Up" inspirational poster falls from the wall and smashes] [bleep] it. Just leave it where it is.