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Quote from George Michael in Blockheads

George Michael: Well, you know, Gob told me that you wanted to start selling these things, not just renting them, and I knew it was important to you.
Michael: He said all that? Boy, that was... That's nice of him. How could you afford one of these houses, buddy?
George Michael: Well, I have a lot of money coming in from investors for my software thing-
Michael: Okay.
George Michael: And I don't know what's gonna happen with that, so I thought I'd do what everyone around here says, put it into Bluth.
Michael: Yeah, who else is saying that?
George Michael: You know, it's an expression. Neighbors.
Michael: I don't like it.


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Quote from Gob

Gob: Boy, am I glad you're here. I need money and it's not for what you think, for a magic show or a bee colony. It's to pay the builders I hired to start building the fake wall between Mexico and America.
George Sr.: Shh. Are you crazy? Lucille 2 is around here.
Gob: Well, don't worry about Lucille 2. I'll handle her. It's just that I need to pay the Chinese.
George Sr.: Wait, wait. You hired Chinese?
Gob: Well, I figured, who better than the Chinese to build a wall? But, no, I couldn't afford them, so I hired, um... They're technically Mongols, I guess. They're the people that they built the wall to try to keep out.
George Sr.: How many- How many did you hire?
Gob: A horde. That's the minimum. They don't come in anything less than a horde.
George Sr.: So you hired a Mongol horde.
Gob: Look, Dad, I just... If they don't get their money soon, they're gonna be really mad and then they're gonna have a major Mongolian beef with us. There they are.
George Sr.: We don't have any money.
Gob: Well, he says that we don't have any money.

Quote from Gob

Narrator: And now wishing he'd actually packed the bag, George Michael aimlessly headed out onto the campus where, as fate would have it, he ran into his beeping uncle.
George Michael: [bleep]. What are you doing here?
Gob: I was in the neighborhood. I happened to remember how much you love bologna.
George Michael: Huh?
Gob: So, yeah, I just I found this great ShopRite and I just thought, "You know who's got to have a taste of this, "is young George Michael."
Narrator: He didn't think George Michael liked bologna. He was trying to correct a bad impression he felt he might have made with his nephew a few nights earlier.
George Michael: My God, Uncle Gob, what is this?
Gob: Can't lie to you, George Michael, it's a Forget-Me-Now. I wanted you to forget what happened at that magic club. I was embarrassed.
George Michael: If you don't want me to tell anyone about it, I won't.
Gob: I'm such a fool. I go to those things too quickly. Really, it's just the age we live in, isn't it? Take a pill to forget your problems. Take a pill to go to sleep. And take a pill to forget your problems. Need an erection, take a pill. Need to forget your problems, take a pill. Take a pill and your problems are forgotten. Take a pill. What an age we live in. It's great, isn't it?

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Quote from My Mother, the Car

Gob: So, what's up?
George Michael: I, uh, need you to make some fake I.D.'s for me and Maeby.
Gob: Like a passport?
George Michael: Yeah, yeah. That'd be great. Oh, and, uh, preferably French. I like the way they think.

Quote from An Old Start

Maeby: You would've had to lie about scuba, 'cause you would've been scared.
George Michael: Why do you say I'm scared of scuba? I'm not.
Maeby: You passed out at the aquarium.
George Michael: Well, they make you feel like you're underwater with all these giant...
Maeby: Dolphins?
George Michael: I still think that was some kind of smiling, kind of bemused baby shark.