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Quote from Narrator in Senoritis

George Michael: But, you know, I'm actually I'm glad to have a moment alone with you, because it gives us a chance to talk about us. You know, I really care about you.
Maeby: Oh, boy, here we go. You want to get more serious.
Narrator: And Maeby didn't because... And I never told you this, but George Michael wasn't a very good kisser. It seems he both used his tongue to fend off the intruding tongue, but also laterally moved his lower jaw while constricting his lower lip. The upper lip, meanwhile, tended to retract, revealing an exposed area from the front teeth to the canines, ultimately creating more pain than pleasure. Really just rookie mistakes, but all of it conspired to make Maeby concerned about him wanting to get more serious.


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Quote from Barry Zuckerkorn

Barry: Maeby, you scared the [bleep] out of me.
Maeby: What are you doing here?
Barry: Well, I could ask you the same thing.
Maeby: I go to high school here.
Barry: I could answer the same thing. I was just looking for something more believable.
Maeby: Speaking of believable, I was going to ask you a question about that. Um, can somebody get kicked out of high school if they're too old? I think I was made at a bar.
Barry: I know this part of the law very, very well. After 21, it is illegal for you to enroll in high school in the state of California. As a matter of fact, you cannot even lurk. [scoffs] "Lurk." What, do they got cameras in the bushes? Why would they do that? You can't even see into the locker rooms from there.
Maeby: Okay, so what do I do? Because the guy who caught me goes to school with me.
Barry: Oh, well, that's easy. You get something incriminating on him. Call me in the office, we'll discuss it, and then I can also keep a record, you know, for billing and so forth.
Maeby: Yeah, well, maybe I'll just keep a record of it, too, so I can follow up with my own bill.
Barry: [chuckles] Very good. You should be the lawyer. Very good. Pro bono.

Quote from Maeby

Narrator: And that's how Lindsay ended up receiving this spiritual advice.
Maeby: You are so full of [bleep].
Lindsay: Yeah, yeah.
Maeby: Pull your head out of the sand. Love is where you left it.
Lindsay: The only person back home is Tobias.
Maeby: You have no children?
Lindsay: No. Why do you ask? Well, yes, a daughter. She's away at boarding school in England.
Maeby: Is that where we left it?
Narrator: Although you'd think this would have given her away.
Lindsay: Hug?
Maeby: Please don't squeeze the shaman.

Quote from Maeby

Narrator: And soon, she was pimping out George Michael's software company as well.
Maeby: Fakeblock, it's exploding. I got my PR company fanning it. I even got it to the attention of Jim Cramer.
George Michael: Jim Cramer?
Maeby: He's a guy I've worked with, and he even mentioned it on Mad Money.
[clip from Mad Money:]
Jim Cramer: This Fakeblock thing is poised to explode! I never do this. Hell, it's not even a stock yet. For all I know, it's not even real! But I think this might be going through the roof! I'm calling it my first hypothetical buy. And this weekend, don't forget to catch me on Gangie IV. Here's a taste. This old lady's crazy! I'm raising the alert level from "Don't Leave the House " to "Board Up Your Windows!"