Lucille Quote #93

Quote from Lucille in The One Where Michael Leaves

Narrator: It was at that moment that Lucille was stopped by a documentary filmmaker.
Man: Uh, your company's being accused of profiting off the building of houses in Iraq.
Lucille: That's crazy. We're all loyal Americans.
Man: Oh, yeah. Would you enlist your son or daughter in the army?
Lucille: [looks at Buster] Yes.


 ‘The One Where Michael Leaves’ Quotes

Quote from Michael

Narrator: This is Michael Bluth. Right now he's taking his son, George Michael, to start a new life in Arizona.
Michael: Phoenix, Arizona, huh? This is it, boy. We are free. We're gonna follow our dreams, you know? And the best part of it? Not workin' for the family anymore.
George Michael: Yeah, but don't- don't you always say "family first"?
Michael: Yes, I do. But that is not a family, okay? They're a bunch of greedy, selfish people who have our nose. And Aunt Lindsay.
George Michael: She's not my real aunt?
Michael: Not a real nose. Got a picture of her when she's 14 in a swimming cap. She looks like a falcon.

Quote from Michael

Lindsay: Michael, maybe the reason why you always come back is because you need us more than we need you.
Michael: Oh, that's rich. Huh. I need you. All right, I'll tell you what. Mom, you're always asking me to help you look after Buster. You can find somebody else. I hope she doesn't kill you.
Buster: I'll kill her first.
Michael: And good luck trying to find someone else to run the business, by the way. Gob, instead of always coming to me asking me for money saying, "I've made a huge mistake", you can bail yourself out next time.
Gob: [chuckles] I've never admitted to a mistake. What would I have made a mistake about?
Michael: Lindsay, instead of sleeping in twin beds, you and your husband take the master bedroom. It's not like you've never come to me with your marital problems saying, "Oh, help me, Michael. I think my husband might be a"- [horn blares]
Tobias: Oh! Well- It's-
Michael: Here we go.

Quote from Tobias

Michael: It did bother me that they did so well without me. But l-I do have to ask them for help.
Tobias: And I have to ask for an audition.
Michael: You haven't auditioned yet?
Tobias: Oh, no, no. I'm not in the group yet. No, I'm afraid I just "blue" myself.
Michael: There's gotta be a better way to say that.