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Quote from Narrator in Beef Consomme

Narrator: Michael Bluth was infatuated with his brother's girlfriend, Marta, a Spanish-language soap opera star. But when he found out she was interested in a man named Hermano, he confronted her. Unfortunately, he discovered too late that "hermano" in Spanish meant "brother," and the person Marta was infatuated with was, in fact, himself.


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Quote from Tobias

Narrator: Meanwhile, Tobias told Lindsay that he couldn't do the part.
Tobias: It plays naked, okay?
Lindsay: Tobias, we're gonna have to deal with this sometime. I mean, I understand you not wanting to do it on film but you can't even get undressed in front of me.
Tobias: It is not you, Lindsay. I can't get undressed alone. I can't get undressed by myself. I mean, this is a real affliction. I'm sorry it's not recognized here in the states. But I know for a fact that there are two members of German Parliament. They're called "nein wohlstandig" nude. But they're German, so... They speak German, so they have a different...

Quote from Gob

Buster: So, you're, uh you're not with Marta anymore?
Gob: Well, my plan is to get her wanting me but bad, and then I spring it on her. "I know you've been cheating on me, and you just cost yourself one fine man. And one fine CD of him singing 'Love is in the Air'."

Quote from Lucille

Narrator: George Michael, having failed to get the information he needed from anyone else made the ultimate sacrifice and went to the keeper of the family secrets.
George Michael: So, uh, it's about Maeby.
Lucille: Oh! That's a lost cause. But you get what you pay for, huh?
George Michael: Yeah. Wait. What- What do you mean, "pay"?
Lucille: Fertility tests, lab fees, donors and implants. She's not real. She was made in a cup. Like soup. A hundred and thirty thousand dollar cup of soup. How do you like them egg rolls, Mr. Goldstone? All I know is it took an extra year before we could add a den.
George Michael: So are you saying we're not directly related?
Lucille: I'm saying she already spent her inheritance getting here.