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Quote from Buster in Ready, Aim, Marry Me

Buster: How'd you like to take a nap, baldy?
Gob: I'll handle this. She's my girlfriend, pal. Take him down, Buster.
Buster: Your girlfriend? That's why you were in her robe and slippies. You weren't trying to get into her head. You were trying to get into her... robe and slippies. She's my girlfriend!


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Quote from Lindsay

Michael: Now tell me what you found out at Sitwell.
Lindsay: Oh. You still want me to do that?
Michael: You didn't? Lindsay, I give you one thing to do for the business, and you can't even do it. I mean, if you'd tried and failed, I'd understand, but you didn't even try.
Lindsay: So, I didn't even fail, and I don't see you giving me credit for that.

Quote from Tobias

Michael: But you got one of these too, didn't you? Y-You bought Lindsay at the same auction.
Tobias: Well, yes, but I'm afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, if you will. So now I'm afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.
Michael: It's just- There's so many poorly chosen words in that sentence.

Quote from Lucille

Michael: Michael Bluth arrived home to find his mother, Lucille in a state of agitation.
Lucille: I think the company's in trouble.
Michael: What tipped you? The falling profits or that we're a regular feature on Bill O'Reilly's "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"?
Lucille: I'm talking about the fact that my "friend" Lucille Austero bought our company and I think she's going for a power grab, [shouts] that bitch!
Michael: You're not at home, Mom. She doesn't live next door when you're here.

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Quote from Making a Stand

George Sr.: J. Walter Weatherman was in on it, too?
Michael: Right from the very start.
Buster: So you did use him. Look at this place. Look at my home.
Police Officer: Freeze! Drop the gun.
Michael: It's okay. We're just trying to teach this guy a lesson.
J. Water Weatherman: Drop the gun! [gun shot] [Buster screams]
Buster: Oh, my God!
Gob: Buster's good hand just came...
Michael: ...flying off.
Buster: And that's why you don't use a one-armed person to scare someone.

Quote from Premature Independence

Buster: Did I exaggerate about her?
Inmate: She really is just like the mother in Two and a Half Men.
Lucille: No, you did not.
Buster: Start watching that show? Yes, I did, Mother. And you lied to me. There's no scary half-man that I couldn't handle.
Lucille: I don't approve of that show.

Quote from For British Eyes Only

Buster: Mother, have you seen my rubber hand?
Lucille: Oh, it's in the dishwasher. Your father and I were using it for something.
Buster: Oh, for God's sake. Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!