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Quote from Lindsay in Good Grief

Michael: No, his girlfriend, from me. I just caught him sneaking up to her in the attic and he clearly did so because he thinks I don't approve. You know, I think I'm gonna invite her to the wake. Why make him hide? Why do to him what- Why do to him what Dad used to do to me?
Lindsay: [sobs] He was so amazing.
Michael: That was actually an example of how not so amazing he was. Boy, you're really going through something here, huh?
Lindsay: I know! You know, it's funny, all those years when I pretended to cry I used to use Dad's death to get me going. I tried it with Mom's, but I'd just end up smiling and ruining it.


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Quote from Michael

George Michael: That was great.
Michael: Well, I meant it. So no more secret trips up to the attic. Right?
Narrator: George Michael didn't want to betray his grandfather, but it appeared his father already knew the truth.
George Michael: I have Pop-Pop in the attic.
Michael: What?! The mere fact that you call making love "pop-pop" tells me you're not ready.

Quote from Lindsay

Michael: I think George Michael's hiding Ann in the attic.
Lindsay: From who, the Nazis?

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Quote from Everyone Gets Atrophy

Michael: You're running for office now?
Lindsay: [chuckles] As a matter of fact, I am. I want to be part of the problem.

Quote from S.O.B.s

Narrator: Michael had asked Lindsay to take care of the house, and to his surprise-
Michael: You're sort of doing it.
Narrator: ...she was sort of doing it.
Lindsay: Yeah, check it out. I found that canned ham that we'd had forever, and I put it in a pot of boiling water, and guess what I'm calling it?
Michael: Soup?
Lindsay: Hot ham water.