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Quote from Courting Disasters

[Imagine Entertainment's Making of a Monster:]
Mimi: Oh, you're one to talk about looking out for yourself. I've never been invited to this place even once, and let's not forget who paid for it.
Young Lucille: And this is how you want to be paid back? You think you're gonna walk in here and take away my child?
Mimi: That's not your child. That's my child, and we both know it.
Young Buster: No. It's not true. I still have it! I'll still wear my gentleman's collar! But you're not my mother. Mother's my mother, Grandmother!
[Mimi screams as Buster pushes her down the stairs]
Narrator: You know, it's funny, I was actually worried about them showing this in court, but it it turned out better than I'd remembered. And I actually think it's a good advertisement for the show. Of course, we still haven't gotten Brian's notes. And obviously, we're gonna put Jean Smart's face on the stuntman. And Cobie did a great job, too. You know, I I should send her something.
[in the court room:]
Buster: Did you know about this?
Dusty: No. My dad made us give up Netflix when they went up by two dollars.
Lottie Dottie: Is that an accurate depiction of what Lucille told you was a true story?
Warden Stefan Gentles: I'm not just saying this to suck up to Ron Howard, but I think we nailed it.

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