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Quote from S.O.B.s

Narrator: It was a complex situation without an easy solution.
Michael: [answers phone] Hello?
Lucille: The caterers didn't show up. I used the club. They said we owe them too much money. I guess all those lunches... I've got 50 people coming in three hours and nothing to feed them. No one to serve it. We have to make a good impression or we're finished.
Narrator: Now that's a clear cut situation with a promise of comedy. Tell your friends.


Quote from Senoritis

Narrator: But she did find that she was being honored at an award show dedicated to the achievements of young people in the entertainment business.
Maeby: I'm getting an Opie?
Narrator: And it did boost her esteem.
Maeby: Hey.
Narrator: The only bigger honor would be having an award like that named after you, I guess.

Quote from The Fallout

Narrator: They were two tough guys right out of Guys and Dolls, a play they were in the middle of a very successful four-week run of at a local community theater. Reminds me of how Hanks walked around like Jim Lovell for a year.

Quote from Public Relations

Lucille: It was all just a big misunderstanding.
Lindsay: Totally blown out of proportion.
Michael: Well, listen, just so you know, I think it cost George Michael a chance to go to the Milford School.
Lucille: Oh, big deal. Buster's the only one who ever liked it.
Narrator: Buster so excelled at being neither seen nor heard that he remained at the school undetected for a full two semesters after he was supposed to graduate.

Quote from Beef Consomme

Narrator: Michael Bluth was infatuated with his brother's girlfriend, Marta, a Spanish-language soap opera star. But when he found out she was interested in a man named Hermano, he confronted her. Unfortunately, he discovered too late that "hermano" in Spanish meant "brother," and the person Marta was infatuated with was, in fact, himself.

Quote from Beef Consomme

Narrator: George Sr., having never heard his charges listed consecutively in one sitting, panicked and ran with great intensity.

Quote from Let 'Em Eat Cake

Narrator: Michael had just found out his father might have committed some light treason by building model homes in Iraq.

Quote from Good Grief

Lucille: [door rattles] Buster! We can't tell him about this!
Oscar: I think the boy's been lied to enough.
Lucille: You weren't here for the parakeet, Oscar.
Narrator: As a child, Buster had a beloved parakeet who, after landing on their housekeeper Rose's wig, flew away when she took out the trash and into a transformer. When Buster found out, he destroyed the family's kitchen, believing this to be where Rosa lived.

Quote from Afternoon Delight

Narrator: Had George Michael and Lindsay stayed, they might have discovered what Michael and Maeby did, that "Afternoon Delight" was more adult-themed than its innocent melody would have you believe.

Quote from Out on a Limb

Narrator: Michael was having brunch with Sally Sitwell.
Sally Sitwell: I still can't believe we got in. This place is usually so packed on Sundays.
Narrator: In addition to its Sunday popularity the bistro was also famous for something called the Skip's Scramble, an egg dish that contained everything on the menu. Don't order the Skip's Scramble.

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