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For British Eyes Only

‘For British Eyes Only’

Season 3, Episode 2 -  Aired September 26, 2005

After George Sr. alleges that he was set up by a British company building homes in Iraq, Michael heads to the English section of Orange County to investigate his father's claims, where he meets an attractive woman, Rita (Charlize Theron), at a pub.

Quote from Gob

Lucille: Oh, God, don't look now, but Gob's doing his magic show.
George Sr.: Oh, boy, a stupid magic show. We got to watch this.
Lindsay: A big turnout.
Michael: I think a lot of people are probably here for the free chicken.
Gob: Gather 'round, humans and I will show you the plight of an innocent man who yearns to be free as a bird! [scatters candy] I've got to start labeling these suits. Who shall I send on this journey to that dangling cage?
George Sr.: Oh, pick me. Oh! Look, can I be in his stupid trick? Please?
Gob: Steve Holt, what are you doing here?
Steve Holt: I just came to see the magic show. I didn't know it was you.
Gob: Do you like magic?
Steve Holt: No. I love it!
Narrator: And at that moment, Gob chose to show his own son what he was capable of.
Gob: I've decided I will be performing the feat myself!


Quote from Tobias

Gob: This chicken shall be wrongly cooped.
Man: [o.s.] What's in his hand? Is that chicken?
Steve Holt: Oh, my God! Dad, are you all right?
Tobias: I fooled his own son. I am a leading man.

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