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Quote from Lucille in Courting Disasters

Michael: You got us into this mess. What are you gonna do?
Lucille: All right. I made an awful choice, but did I give you a hard time when you gave all our life rights to Imagine Films to make some TV show? That was somewhat amiss of you.
Michael: Yes, you did. As it turns out, nothing came of that project, which I predicted. Just like I predicted your bet on the DA calling a mistrial wasn't exactly beating the odds. She offered him gum.
Lucille: Okay, I hired a completely incompetent lawyer and put my son's life in the hands of a moron, and I know what you want me to say, Michael. Okay, I'll say it... My bad! [sighs]
Michael: Wow. I don't think that I have heard you apologize since, um, uh, since people used to use that phrase to apologize.

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