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Quote from George Michael in Check Mates

George Michael: Hey, guys. Yo. Hey. All right, question: How many of you wake up with a knot in your stomach? Right. Me, too. But I like to think of that knot in my stomach as a little ball of energy. You know, it keeps me frightened when I should be calm. It pumps adrenaline through my veins when ordinary blood is what I need. But, you know, all of these things can create a winning spirit. One that I would like for all of you to share in. So that we can turn those knots in our stomach into why-nots. You know? People say there there's no such thing as privacy on the Internet. Well, why not?
Man: Why not?
George Michael: Yeah. Right. People say no one can build a completely impenetrable wall. Why not?
Employees: Why not?
George Michael: And, you know, people say you shouldn't start a company without cracking the technology that supports the flagship product of the company. For obvious reasons. Well, why not?
Employees: Why not?
George Michael: And what if you find out you're never gonna get paid, there is no product, and you're like, "Well, we can't let him get away with this." Well, why not? [employees murmuring]
Narrator: That may have been a step too far. But it wouldn't matter, because Maeby had just gotten some good news.

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