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Quote from Gob in Taste Makers

Gob: Anyway, I'm just stopping by here 'cause this is where my e-mail comes.
Maeby: You could check your e-mail anywhere.
Gob: Uh, yeah, e-mail, but this is g-mail. I got a guy down here on the third floor to set it up for me, and then when we moved to the fourth, I was like, screw it, I'll just come down here to check it, 'cause I don't want wires going everywhere.
George Michael: You can actually use your phone for that.
Gob: Yeah, and I could use a pigeon. But for this particular task, I've chosen e-mail. [grunts] Anyway, I sent my résumé out, and the only firm that's gotten back to me is the gang over at Mailer Daemon. Aw, damn it! God, missed him again. It seems like they write me back every time I step away from this thing. Well, on the other hand, this is on them, 'cause I made it clear that I was looking for a three-day-a-week president job, and why why... [laughing, stammering] [breathy laughing] [exhaling repeatedly] Why- Why- When- When- What kind of when- What?
George Michael: You're looking for a president job?
Maeby: I'll be damned, it is a he.
Gob: Who e-mails back- What? At Wednesday at nap?

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