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Quote from George Michael in Taste Makers

Narrator: Later that day, Michael heard a noise coming from his son's old bedroom and was surprised to discover that, this time, it was his son.
Michael: It's you. What are you doing in your bedroom?
George Michael: Playing a game where I just throw the tennis ball against the wall and try and catch it. And then if I miss it, I... Uh, feel pretty bad and beat myself up, and then I kind of try and move past that and get back on the horse.
Michael: Okay. Son, I- I meant, what what what are you doing back in your old room?
George Michael: Um, that's just a minor regression. Well, I guess I was actually just trying to go back to a simpler time. When I was a young boy and all I cared about were simple things like what does it take to be a good citizen and am I gonna be able to fall asleep tonight, or am I getting myself too wound up about this good citizen stuff?

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