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Quote from George Sr. in Sinking Feelings

Michael: You're the one he's gonna want to see.
Lucille: Well, he didn't want to see me last time I talked to him.
He said he was all grown up and found a new mother.
Gob: [laughs] God. What a baby thing to say. I think this is a job for the man in charge... of the president, so, Dad.
George Sr.: Okay. I'll go in, but I don't think it's gonna help if I go in and take a swing at a guard. [stammering] Uh, maybe I stab one of them.
Lucille: No, the only way you're stabbing anything is if you have a knife.
Michael: That's what he meant.
George Sr.: That's what I meant.
Michael: Okay. I'm gonna go in. It's getting rough out here.

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